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PET 2021-07-01 12:40:59 555
Dear Sir, Hello, I hope you have a nice day. We, ANETA CO., LTD., are traders from Taiwan and want to promote PET products to you. We have PET POP corn type chip from film is the same as some of your company's products, I found your company's website on the Korean trade website. The exciting thing is that your company not only produces raw materials, but also produces recycled fibers. The factory in Taiwan can provide similar raw materials to increase the production capacity of your company's product line. If necessary, not only use film as raw material, but also use PET yarn and lump to make similar products. This time we hope to promote PET POP corn products to you, and we also have new products manufactured by Friction process. Currently we can supply CIF Busan 0.5 USD/KG PET POP corn, detailed product introduction such as attached file, composition analysis list is as follows, please refer to the information. PET POP corn : RV / 1.569 IV / 0.573 Saturation L / 76.6 b / 6.3 Ash% / 0.00 DEG% / 1.03 I.P.A% / 0.00 FA ueq/g / Δ2hra insoluble Melting point / 255.7°C Hope to get your reply and thank you for reading. If you have any other questions, please ask me, and I will contact you as soon as possible. thank you for your support! Best regards, ANETA CO., LTD. Zongrong Tsai